• natural vent,steel roof ridge vent,smoke and heat exhaust ventilator-[MCWELL]
  • natural vent,steel roof ridge vent,smoke and heat exhaust ventilator-[MCWELL]
  • natural vent,steel roof ridge vent,smoke and heat exhaust ventilator-[MCWELL]

Steel roof ridge vent

The natural ventilator has a large throat size (1,500mm-9,000mm). The product is mainly installed on the roof ridge, or at an angle perpendicular to the ridge on the roof itself along its slope. Due to its large geometric size and relatively high deadweight, it is necessary to install a base.


  1. Large throat and effective vents, high ventilation efficiency
  2. Adopt the patented technology of “holistic waterproof structure”, no leakage hazard
  3. Professional rainproof diversion system, good rainproof performance
  4. The rainproof board can be set as a daylighting board, which has the triple performance of ventilation, firefighting and smoke exhaust, and daylighting
  5. The opening and closing valve plate can be set at the throat, and the ventilation and smoke discharge can be adjusted
  6. The skeleton structure is welded with hollow thin-walled square steel, and the surface of the skeleton is treated with hot-dip galvanizing or heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint coating
  7. The frame has been calculated by structural load to ensure that it meets the requirements of wind, snow load and seismic grade at the location of the project, and has good structural stability and safety
  8. The outer guard plate, drainage channel, flooding plate, etc. are selected according to the engineering design, and the principle is the same as the roof color steel outer plate material, brand, and thickness. The natural ventilator has a long service life and the same building service life

 Common Specifications:

Ventilator code Throat width(mm) Throat length(mm) Ventilator height(mm)
1500 3000*n、4000*n 1500
2000 3000*n、4000*n 2000
2500 3000*n、4000*n 2500
3000 3000*n、4000*n 3000
3500 3000*n、4000*n 3500
4500 3000*n、4000*n 4500
5000 3000*n、4000*n 5000
6000 3000*n、4000*n 6000
9000 3000*n、4000*n 9000

The industrial air ventilation system’s size can be customized according to client’s requirement.

 Scope of Application:

The smoke and heat exhaust ventilator is suitable for steel structure buildings and large-scale public buildings in relevant industries such as metallurgy, aviation, shipbuilding, machinery, glass and various light industries.
smoke and heat exhaust ventilator
ridge vents

 Waterproof Method:

This heavy industry ventilator is a holistic waterproof structure, i.e. it relies on its own structure for waterproofing. It does not use silica gel or adhesive tape to fill seams or to stop leakage, which avoids water leakage hazard caused by aging and cracking of silica gel and adhesive tape. Service life of the waterproof structure is the same as that of building roof panel.

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