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Smoke Exhaust Ventilator

Smoke exhaust ventilator can be divided into integral smoke ventilation and seperated smoke ventilation. The main profiles of smoke vent skylights include aluminum alloy profiles, window frames, FRP daylighting panels, electric control boxes, etc. FRP daylighting panels have a high amount of lighting. If smoke ventilator is installed side by side, a large of  lighting inside the plant can be realized.

The window frame presents an angle of about 6° with the factory building. The wind resistance coefficient is small and the wind resistance is good. Smoke exhaust  ventilator is easy to drain in summer and not easy to accumulate snow in winter. The window can be opened at an angle of 90° when the automatic smoke vent windows is fully opened.

"Nail-free and Glue-free waterproof structure" is adopted, which relies on the waterproof structure and does not use silica gel to prevent leakage caused by cracking of the silica gel.


1. The "nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure " patented technology completely eliminates leakage hazard
2. Broken bridge aluminum profiles can be used in low temperature areas to keep heat and thermal insulation to prevent condensation
3. Support connection with firefighting service and offer multiple functions including smoke exhaust, ventilation and lighting
4. The opening angle can be set, smoke vent skylights can be fully opened within 60 seconds, high performance of fast smoke exhaust
5. The automatic smoke and heat vents are consistent with the roof opening, that is, the effective ventilation and smoke exhaust area is same with the roof opening area, which achieves the greater ventilation and smoke exhaust efficiency
6. Small wind resistance coefficient

 Common Specifications:

Ventilator code Inner size of throat
Ventilator dimensions
(width * length)
Ventilator height
C2T—1010n(15n,20n,25n,30n) 1000*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000n) 1200*(L+200) 135
C2T—1510n(15n,20n,25n,30n) 1500*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n) 1700*(L+200) 135
C2T—2010n(15n,20n,25n,30n) 2000*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n) 2200*(L+200) 135

The  smoke ventilator ‘s size can be customized according to client’s requirement.

 Scope of Application:

The automatic smoke and heat vents are suitable for production workshops in multiple industries such as automobile, rail transit, electronics and various other light industries.

 Waterproof Method:

Nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure patented technology.

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