• natural roof ventilation,steel building ridge vent,automatic smoke ventilation systems-[MCWELL]
  • natural roof ventilation,steel building ridge vent,automatic smoke ventilation systems-[MCWELL]

Natural roof ventilation

The roof mounted vents are generally installed perpendicular to the roof ridge and evenly distributed on the roof. Due to the small ventilation area, it is commonly used for buildings with low ventilation requirements. With standardized and serialized production, the product can be assembled quickly and easily.


  1. Layout along the slope, suitable for large slope steel structure buildings, with triple performance of lighting, ventilation, and fire and smoke exhaust
  2. Adopt the patented technology of “holistic waterproof structure”, no leakage hazard
  3. The skeleton adopts hot-dip galvanized steel sheet integral hydraulic forming, with good stability and good anti-corrosion performance
  4. The throat is small, the weight is light, and the increased roof load is small, and the roof purlin is used as the base, without the need for another base
  5. Evenly distributed on the sloping roof to ensure balanced ventilation, smoke exhaust and lighting
  6. Standardized mass production, quick installation, high cost performance

 Common Specifications:

Ventilator code Throat width(mm) Throat length(mm) Ventilator height(mm)
600 1200*n、1500*n 730
700 1200*n、1500*n 820
800 1200*n、1500*n 850

The steel building ridge vent’s size can be customized according to client’s requirement.

 Scope of Application:

The automatic heat and smoke vent is suitable for workshops with low ventilation requirements such as electronics workshops, logistics storage, spare parts production, light industry processing plants, etc. In addition, the automatic smoke ventilation systems is also applicable for the renovation of old workshops.

automatic heat and smoke vent

 Waterproof Method:

This natural smoke & heat exhaust ventilator is a holistic waterproof structure, i.e. it relies on its own structure for waterproofing. It does not use silica gel or adhesive tape to fill seams or to stop leakage, which avoids water leakage hazard caused by aging and cracking of silica gel and adhesive tape. Service life of the waterproof structure is the same as that of building roof panel.

natural smoke & heat exhaust ventilator

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