• linear automatic opening vent,smoke vent skylights,smoke hatch skylight-[MCWELL]
  • linear automatic opening vent,smoke vent skylights,smoke hatch skylight-[MCWELL]

Linear Automatic Opening Vent

The ventilation principle of linear automatic opening vent is mainly to use natural ventilation, with the help of the thermal difference formed by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the factory building and the wind pressure formed by the action of wind, to complete the ventilation, without external power, energy saving and environmental protection.


  1. The "nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure " patented technology completely eliminates leakage hazard

  2. Broken bridge aluminum profiles can be used in low temperature areas to keep heat and thermal insulation to prevent condensation

  3. Support connection with firefighting service and offer multiple functions including smoke exhaust, ventilation and lighting

  4. The opening angle can be set, it can be fully opened within 60 seconds, high performance of fast smoke exhaust

  5. The ventilation and smoke exhaust vent is consistent with the roof opening, that is, the effective ventilation and smoke exhaust area is same with the roof opening area, which achieves the greater ventilation and smoke exhaust efficiency

 Common Specifications:

Ventilator code

Inner size of throat

Ventilator dimensions
(width * length)

Ventilator height






1500*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n)




2000*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n)



The automatic opening vent’s size can be customized according to client’s requirement.

 Scope of Application:

The linear smoke vent skylights have low height, good wind resistance, and good self-cleaning performance. The smoke hatch skylight is suitable for windy and rainy areas. And the smoke exhaust effect of the linear roof smoke vent is good, and it can be applied to many industries, including steel structure workshops, large workshops, manufacturing, mechanical processing, food, clothing, plastic factories, electronics factories, storage workshops, etc.

 Waterproof Method:

The linear automatic opening vent accepts "nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure patented technology" do not require any silica gel, self-tapping nails, drilling or rivets; the window sash and the window body are all integrated holistically into the waterproof structure, there is no self-tapping screw, rivet, screw or bolt that destroy the integrated structure, and waterproofing completely relies on its own structure.

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