• Continuous Rooflight,smoke ventilation systems,smoke vent system-[MCWELL]
  • Continuous Rooflight,smoke ventilation systems,smoke vent system-[MCWELL]

Continuous Rooflight

The top of the continuous rooflight is arc-shaped which has good self-cleaning performance, good drainage performance in summer,
and it is not easy to accumulate snow in winter. Therefore it has a wide application. The arched continuous rooflight can realize the
function of firefighting linkage. In case of emergency such as fire, the window sash of the smoke exhaust skylight will automatically
open to quickly exhaust the dense smoke generated in the room and increase the chance of rescue. Also it can realize the fire
protection linkage according to the smoke, fog, smoke, rain, etc.


1. Triple performance of ventilation, firefighting and smoke exhaust, and daylighting
2. Waterproof structrure with patented technology eliminates leakage hazard

 Common Specifications:

Ventilator code Inner size of throat
Throat height
Ventilator dimensions
(width * length)
Window sash
Ventilator height
C3CT—2060n 2000*6000n 550 2280*(6000n+280) 350*1 1100
C3CT—3060n 3000*6000n 630 3280*(6000n+280) 430*1 1260
C3CT—4060n 4000*6000n 700 4280*(6000n+280) 500*1 1470
C3CT—5060n 5000*6000n 780 5280*(6000n+280) 580*1 1620
C3CT—6060n 6000*6000n 880 6280*(6000n+280) 680*1 1714

The size can be customized according to client’s requirement.

 Scope of Application:

It is suitable for production workshops in multiple industries, such as automobile, logistics, electronics and various other light industries.

 Waterproof Method:

Holistic waterproof structure to eliminates leakage hazard.

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