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Automatic Smoke Vent

The automatic smoke vent mainly uses the heat pressure and wind to achieve the ventilation. The smoke vent rooflight adopts electric control with one-button opening and closing. So it is convenient to operate. When the roof smoke vent skylights sash is opened, the smoke exhaust and ventilation are automatically performed. On the premise of satisfying the ventilation, it is also necessary to ensure the waterproof performance . The automatic smoke vent  adopts the technology of "nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure", which avoids the hidden danger of leakage caused by the easy aging of silica gel.


1. The technology of "nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure " completely eliminates leakage hazard.
2.  Automatic opening vent window supports connection with firefighting service and offer multiple functions which include smoke exhaust, ventilation and lighting.

 Common Specifications:

Ventilator code Inner size of throat
Ventilator dimensions
(width * length)
Ventilator height
C1ST—1010n(15n,20n,25n,30n) 1000*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000n) 1200*(L+200) 240
C1ST—1510n(15n,20n,25n,30n) 1500*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n) 1700*(L+200) 265
C1ST—2010n(15n,20n,25n,30n) 2000*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n) 2200*(L+200) 290

The size can be customized according to client’s requirement.

 Scope of Application:

Automatic smoke vent is widely used in multiple industries, such as automobile, electronics and other light industries.

 Waterproof Method:

Nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure.

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