• arched smoke vent rooflight,continuous rooflight,smoke vent-[MCWELL]
  • arched smoke vent rooflight,continuous rooflight,smoke vent-[MCWELL]

Arched Smoke Vent Rooflight

The arched smoke vent rooflight has the functions of ventilation and lighting. It plays an important role in fire-fighting smoke exhaust. The intelligent perception design of the continuous rooflight can promptly exhaust the smoke in the plant in the event of a fire, improve the visibility of the plant, increase the escape time of employees, and ensure the safety of employees.


  1. Waterproof structure with patented technology eliminates leakage hazard

  2. The daylighting board is designed with a curved surface, which enlarges the daylighting area and has good daylighting performance

  3. Triple performance of ventilation, firefighting and smoke exhaust, and daylighting

 Common Specifications:

Ventilator code

Inner size of throat

Ventilator dimensions
(width * length)

Ventilator height






1500*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n)




2000*1000n(1500n,2000n,2500n,3000 n)



The continuous rooflight’s size can be customized according to client’s requirement.

 Scope of Application:

The smoke vent is suitable for production workshops in multiple industries such as automobile,logistics,railway station, glass-making plant and various other light industries.

 Waterproof Method:

Patented waterproof technology which do not use silica gel and tape to fill gaps and leaks. So it can avoid the hidden danger of water leakage caused by aging and cracking of silica gel and tape. The smoke ventilator accept holistic waterproof structure and special fasteners to buckle the board nodes. The waterproof service life is same with the building roof outer panel.

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