Mcwell's Streamlined Continuous Rooflight Was Used For Paper-making Factory

Project abbreviation: Jintian Paper Phase II Project

Project location: Luzhou City, Sichuan Province

Product model: MCW5 steel roof ridge vent

Number of products: 163m

Project introduction: 

Sichuan Jintian Paper and Dongguan Jintian Paper are both affiliated companies
of Jintian Group. They mainly produce special paper products, coated white paper,
gray board paper, high-strength corrugated paper, and ox cardboard.


Mcwell choose electric opening and closing  steel roof ridge vent with a 3 meter throat.
Due to the particularity of the paper industry, the natural ventilation system installed
on the roof of the workshop has relatively high anti-corrosion requirements. For this reason,
Mcwell's Technology Department communicated with relevant departments of Party A,
and finally determined the technical plan of using stainless steel and aluminized
color-coated sheet as the main materials. In addition, as a professional smoke vents
, Mcwell has rich experience in the production and installation of
natural ventilator in the paper industry. Mcwell also has a good business cooperation
with the leading papermaking company Nine Dragons Paper. 

streamlined natural ventilator

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